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OPIPL Hinged doors for both freezer and cool store applications. OPIPL Doors Team offers a top quality cold room and freezer doors at the best price, with a selection of the most competitive products thanks to their efficiency, quality and innovation.

The door construction and fittings are specially designed for the food industry and fulfill the environmental requirements of that industry as well as being able to withstand rough treatment. Rooms with a temperature range between 0°C and -50°C are best locked with an OPIPL cold room door.

The door edges are constructed from resistant heavy gauge aluminium profiles. The door leaf panels are injected with high pressure polyurethane, leaf thickness up to 150mm, stainless steel finishes are available. The heaters prevent the formation of ice and help to constantly save energy. All doors have a smooth metal surface which can be easily and hygienically cleaned.

Hinged Door Types:

  • For Normal and Medium Temperature 0°C to +15°C Doors Type - 80 mm panel thickness
  • For low Temperature -5°C to -25°C Doors Type - 100 mm and 125 mm panel thickness
  • For freezing Temperature -25°C to -40&dehC Doors Type x-icon 150 mm panel thickness


  • Strongest door leaf edging
  • Energy savings at freezer doors - using heaters
  • No deformations thanks to extra durability
  • Very competitive price
  • Short lead time

Features :

  • Application: Hinged doors for chill room, freezer, or blast freezing temperature.
  • Dimensions: Standard dimension is 900*2100 mm (clear opening), all other dimensions are available upon customer request
  • Temperature range: Upto - 50C°
  • Door leaf: Single leaf, Aluminium edges. Heated doorframe edges below 0C° using self regulating energy saving wires.
  • Leaf thickness: 80mm,100mm, 125mm, 150mm.
  • Insulation: PUR-foam filled. Density- 40kg/m3
  • Leaf surface: P.P.G.I shade RAL 9002 with removable protection foil, Stainless steel, Aluminium.

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