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Ideal way to insulate any home or industrial premises and give higher thermal resistance is to have it insulated through particular roof insulation material. It can give you multiple benefits including applying it over the roof as well as under roof insulation. The process of applying insulation material is comparatively easy as most of the housing roof as well as industrial ceilings have some access for caring insulation work.

Apart from temperature or thermal insulation and upholding your premises or industry in better climate condition in higher temperature, low cost is another advantage why the popularity of roof insulation is increasing. One can apply as much as insulation to make it thicker and more thermal barrier as there are very little difference on the overall cost.

Apart from temperature conservation and heat resistance, roof insulation material also gives helping hand to your pocket. It also saves money because every bit of loss in temperature can result into to higher energy consumption and higher expense.

Unique Features

  • Specially designed CROWN OVERLAPPING of the panel for 100% leak proof construction.
  • Highest strength as compared to simple roofing that will increase purling spacing and bring down the cost of frame for installation.
  • Light weight and extremely easy to install.
  • Aesthetically beautiful.
  • Long life.
  • Sound insulation because of sandwich PU foam insulation.
  • Maintenance free.

Product Specification

Insulated roofing panels are made with high quality colour coated sheets of superior quality that is corrosion resistant.

  • Upper Skin : 0.5Mm Corrougated Roofing Sheet.
  • Lower Skin : 0.5Mm Ppgi Sheet With Guard Film.
  • Sandwich Pur/Pir Foam Density : 40Kg/M3
  • Width : 1000Mm
  • Length : As Per Requirement.
  • Panel Thickness : 30Mm Onwards.
  • Upper Skin Colours : Brick Red, Blue, White, Green, Ivory, Teracota

Applications Of Roofing Panels

Roofing panels are versatile and can be used for covering roofs at HOMES, FARM HOUSES, INDUSTRIAL SHEDS, FACTORIES, WAREHOUSES, POULTRY SHEDS, TERECCES, etc.

It is very easy to install these roofing panels or replace existing metal or asbestos roofing with PUF INSULATED ROOFING PANELS.


All types of accessories required for proper installation such as: EXTERNAL RIDGE, INTERNAL RIDGE, ROOF END CAP, ROOF SIDE CAP, GUTTERS, ETC. are available as optional items.

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