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Polyurethane foam is one of the major components of pre-insulated pipe supports manufactured at OPIPL. Polyurethane is different from most plastic materials in that it can be tailored to meet various load requirements of varying applications. Old techniques of wooden pipe support for the erection of plant & pipe lines are now replaced by PUF / PIR Pipe Support. OPIPL offers a wide range of PUF / PIR Supports. Normally the density range of PUF / PIR Support is 100 kg/m3 to 350 kg/m3. But OPIPL also offers the density from 100 kg/m3 to 500 kg/m3

OPIPL offers the PUF / PIR Saddles as per requirement of clients in terms of design.

Insulated pipe supports are designed to prevent direct heat transfer between pipes and their supports. Thus, they reduce heat loss due to conduction at each support. They serve the following purposes:

  • Carry the load and allow necessary movement at each suppose point.
  • Provide insulation in the support area where the regular pipe insulation cannot be installed.
  • Minimize the cost of field installation by reducing installation time.

The supports are not welded to the pipe and each unit is shipped completely assembled (except for the riser supports and anchor supports, both of which require some welding).

Polyurethane is stronger in the direction of foam rise. At OPIPL, the directional properties of our polyurethane are reduced by overloading the mould used to form the polyurethane. By overloading the mould, we can control the cell structure and provide uniform physical properties.

Available in PUR and PIR.

Product Details

  • Pipe Size : 1/4" Onwards
  • Thickness - 25mm Onwards
  • Length - 25mm Onwards
  • Density - 100Kg/M3 To 500Kg/M3

Note: Shapes And Sizes As Per Customer Requirements Can Be Manufactured.

Avaliable Shapes

  • Square Supports
  • Round Supports
  • Degree Supports

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