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Polyurethane foam is used in cold storages to insulate the floor as it outperforms most other insulation materials in supporting the imposed load and maintaining insulation performance.

With very good compressive strength, PUF insulated flooring provides adequate support to the slab by limiting its deflection. PUF slabs can safely be used at continuous operating temperature of minimum - 50 degree Celsius without any adverse effect on its properties.

In case of Walk In Cold Rooms, sandwich panels comprising of one side Marine Ply and other side GI sheet that are bonded with high pressure injected polyurethane foam with tongue and groove joint system complete with cam-locking mechanism can be used so that the load is uniformly distributed and insulation material i.e. PUF is protected against any impact. For large refrigerated ware houses, a concrete reinforcement is required over PUF Slabs or Bituminised PUF Sheets with tongue and groove for additional strength. In case of very low operating temperatures more than one layer of puf slabs can be used to avoid losses.

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