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The high-density rigid cellular polyurethane blocks are designed to support structural loads while insulating buildings. Cellular polyurethane is a natural insulator, and formulated in these high-density blocks, it provides the strength to support large compressive loads with little deflection. At the same time, it offers economical, code-required continuous insulation that reduces loads on cooling equipment for lower energy costs.

A wide range of compressive strengths satisfies industrial and cold-storage thermal construction applications.

This series extends the building insulation envelope from the roof to the foundation below ground. Even at the high densities required for support of column-bearing loads and precast/tilt-up wall panels, these blocks will provide thermal insulation value superior to lightweight concrete, treated wood blocks, and other traditional materials. They are commonly used as thermal isolation load-bearing blocks in concrete footings within refrigerated warehouse structures. As insulated structural support for roof equipment, roof perimeter fall protection and chiller tanks, they minimize both thermal transfer and condensation.

These blocks are delivered to contractors ready to use. They arrive at the jobsite cut-to-size, predrilled with anchor-bolt holes, and marked for fast and easy placement. This eliminates waiting for cutting or drilling before moving onto the next construction step, saving precious time.

Product Details

  • Standard Size - 1000mm X 500mm and 2440mm x 1220mm
  • Block Thickness - 25mm and above
  • Length & Width - As Per Requirement
  • Density - 36Kg/m3 To 40Kg/m3

It can be customized as per requirements

Product Details for PUF Stringers

  • Block Thickness - 25mm and above
  • Length & Width - As Per Requirement
  • Density - 80Kg/m3


  • Short-circuits energy transfer to earth at foundation
  • High compressive strength supports roof-column loads
  • Creep resistant - resists distortion under load over time
  • Locks out moisture - closed-cell material does not absorb water
  • Will not rot or dissolve in sub grade applications
  • Does not promote steel corrosion
  • Does not attract or support insects or vermin
  • Does not release chemical compounds into surrounding soil
  • Compatible with grouts, adhesives and concrete
  • No lost time - products arrive at the site ready to use

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