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To meet the market's requirements for efficient temperature control without skimping on quality, OPIPL Insulated Van Panels, fit snugly around the interior of the load space to create a lightweight conversion that can increase payload capabilities without sacrificing temperature performance.

By creating exquisite design we have produced an extremely temperature efficient insulator which has achieved a superior thermally efficient and smooth food-safe lining. The internal lining has been created by bonding a layer of insulating foam to a layer of high specification plywood or any other required finished surfaces. This gives a strong inner surface, being easy to clean; it is also extremely durable and therefore can still look good for many years.

To withstand the constant loading and unloading process involved in daily distribution operations, we have developed a very strong insulated floor, which is able to reduce the ingress of heat. OPIPL can be relied upon to insulate your van so you can transport your goods in a safe and true temperature-controlled environment.

Product Details

  • Length - Up To 6Mtr
  • Width - Up To 1.2Mtr
  • Thickness -50mm TO 150mm.
  • Note - 25mm To 40mm Thickness Available Up To Certain Length.
  • Tongue And Groove With Specially Designed Cam Locks Provided.
  • Density - 40Kg/M3

Available In PUR And PIR.

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