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Prefabricated sandwich panel with polyurethane insulation is the best solution for wall and ceiling partitions and cold rooms. Formed in place with fire retardant polyurethane using high pressure, CFC-free and use of HCFC 141B technology which results in a superior insulation and construction material.

These sandwich panels are design for a fast and easy assembly. OPIPL Sandwich Panel comprises of two steel skin (Pre-painted Galvanized Iron Sheet - PPGI) that are bonded with high pressure injected polyurethane foam with tongue and groove joint system complete with cam-locking mechanism.

Our slim insulated partitions enable you to divide your interior space into cool and normal temperature zones. With a desired thickness of insulating Polyurethane foam inside, our partitions can be used in any office and provide a visually appealing interior look and reduce your energy consumption at the same time.

These give us the following advantages

  • Thin walls, Fast installation
  • Partitions or Rooms can be dismantled and reinstalled.
  • Outstanding load bearing capacity, High impact resistance.
  • Hygienic, Odorless
  • Long life and durable
  • Resistant to most oils, chemicals and solvents
  • Fire resistant.
  • Minimizes electric consumption for maintaining desired temperatures.

We provide partition and ceiling panels in any desired surfaces such as:
GI Pre coated, SS.

Product Details

  • Length - Up to 6mtr.
  • Width - Up to 1.2mtr
  • Thickness- 50mm to 150mm.
  • Density - 40 kg/m3

Tongue and Groove with specially designed CAM LOCKS can be provided.

Note- 25mm to 40mm thickness available up to certain length without CAM-LOCKS

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